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Advanced AcousticWerkes

Halcyon Electrostatic Hybrid In-Ear Monitor


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BassFlow™ Control

By regulating the amount of air supplied to the dynamic woofer, the BassFlow Control is able to quantitatively and qualitatively dictate texture and response of the bass frequency.

Precision Engineering

With wholly digitized design process, Halcyon’s driver and nozzle placement are simulated hundreds of iterations to determine the ideal phasing and response.

Symphonym™ Monocrystalline IEM Cable

Cryogenic treated monocrystalline silver conductor, UPOCC cast.

Thera is the ultimate conveyor of unparalleled accuracy, vocal definition and removes any veil from your music. The sound tuning philosophy is focused predominantly on providing a 3D, vast and life-like headroom and astute presentation of instrument separation and imaging.


• 7 Driver Tri-Hyrbid Design
• Quad Electrostatic Super Tweeter
• Dual Precision Balanced Armature Driver
• 10mm Graphene Diaphragm Woofer
• 4 Way Passive+Acoustic Crossover
• Aerospace-grade Aluminum Enclosure
• Frequency Range 10Hz to 100kHz
• Senstivity 104dB THD < 0.5%
• Triple Sound Bore Design