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Warranty & Refit

  • Refit Period for Custom In-Ear Monitors
    • AAW provide 30 days of refit period against poor fit from the delivery date.
  • What is covered by this limited warranty?
        1. This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in the products.
        2. This Warranty is transferable.
        3. This Warranty is valid for 1 years upon purchase by customer.
          • What is not covered by this limited warranty?

          This limited warranty does not cover:

                  1. External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power
                  2. Unauthorized servicing.
                  3. Usage that is not in accordance with product specifications.
                  4. Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance
                  5. Products with missing or altered service tags or serial numbers.
                  6. Products for which we have not received payment.
                  7. Normal degradation in aesthetics.
                  8. Demo unit purchased from distributor/dealer
                  9. Return shipping costs to us and back to customer.
                    • How to claim warranty
                      Email to request RMA, we will respond with return instructions. After you receive your RMA instructions, you must
                          1. Return the product to us in a safe and well protected packaging to avoid further damage in transit.
                          2. Include warranty card, proof of purchase, note on defect issue (if any) and only the defective item. Exclude any non-defective accessories such as cable, ear tips and carrying case.
                          3. Always return both sides of the IEM.
                            • Extended Warranty
                              • Customer can acquire an extra 3-month warranty once product is successfully registered on AAW website.
                            • AAW Flat Rate Repair Policy
                              • Eligibility: All AAW branded UIEM/CIEM active models or discontinued models which are out of warranty, with the exception of the following: Nebula 1, Nebula 2, Q and product purchased more than 3 years ago.
                              • Cost: Flat Rate of SGD150
                              • What could be repaired:
                                  1. Cracked or shattered enclosure
                                  2. Damaged socket
                                  3. Damaged driver
                                  4. Blocked nozzle
                                  5. Cable defects please refer to the below Null Audio section
                                  • What could not be repaired:
                                      1. Missing one side or both sides of IEM
                                      2. Product severely damaged and have missing components such as drivers
                                      3. Product intentionally abused
                                      4. Water related damage
                                      5. Normal cosmetic degradation
                                      6. Damaged packaging, ear tips, carry case and other accessories, separate purchase is recommended
                                      • Beyond repair – If AAW determines the IEM is beyond repairs for the following, but not limited to, number of reasons. It will be at AAW’s discretion to reject the repair.
                                          1. Repair parts no longer available
                                          2. Product designed to have low reparability
                                          • Product purchase more than 3 years ago, AAW will evaluate and advise repair cost on a case by case basis.
                                        • AAW Ownership transfer service
                                          • Service content: Reshell existing AAW UIEM/CIEM to new CIEM with new owner ear impressions. Reshell with new ear impressions of existing owner will be counted into this service as well.
                                          • Eligibility: All AAW branded UIEM/CIEM active model or discontinued model with the exception of the following: Nebula 1, Nebula 2, Q and product purchased more than 3 years ago.
                                          • Cost: Flat Rate of US$150
                                            • Addition options such faceplate inserts, artwork, engravings etc. will be charged at the same rate as new CIEM orders.
                                            • If the IEM is defective before submitted for ownership transfer service, an aggregated repair charge of US$110 will be added as well.
                                          • 3 month extended warranty on the shell and socket only, driver issues will not be covered under warranty.

                                        How will the repaired product be returned to me?

                                        The repaired product will be shipped back via International Registered Mail with a declaration of its original price. If you wish a lower declaration value, please let us know. Moreover, if you wish to have other shipping methods such as FedEx, customers need to top-up the shipping differences between the FedEx shipping and International Registered Mail shipping.

                                        Where should I return the product to?

                                        Please return your defective product to:

                                        #06-09 Alexcier
                                        237 Alexandra Road
                                        Singapore 159929
                                        Attn: RMA Department
                                        Tel: +65 69043998