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Canary Pro 14 Driver Isobaric Electrostatic Universal In-Ear Monitor

Key Features

  • 14 Driver Tri-Hybrid Architecture
  • 4 Electrostatic Super Tweeter
  • Dual Diaphragm Isobaric Woofer
  • Super-Low Flat Impedance (SLFI)
  • 5 Way Passive Crossover Design 
  • 48" Null Audio Lune Premium Cable 4.4mm Balanced
  • 2 Woofer | 2 Low-Range | 2 Mid-Range | 4 Mid-High | 4 EST Driver

Sound Signature

The sound signature of the Canary Pro elevates your music listening experience by delivering heightened clarity and liveliness. It brings out fine details that may have been previously unnoticed and removes the perceived distance between you and the performance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music. With its expansive headroom, high fidelity, extreme dynamic range, and fast transient responses, the Canary Pro creates an immersive listening experience that is free of fatigue and harshness. In short, the Canary Pro delivers a sensually enriching and highly engaging musical experience.

Quad Electrostatic Super Tweeter

Powered by the cutting-edging miniature electrostatic tweeter technology, the driver employs a six-micro gram, gold plated membrane held against a plate charged up to 400 volts. The electrical signal voltage is amplified up to 100 times via a built-in miniature transformer. The electrostatic attraction and repulsion effects induced by music signal triggers the membrane to produce acoustic pressure. Simply plug into your player and high-fidelity music is ready to go.

Extreme Multi-Driver Matrix (EMDM)

Canary Pro's 14-driver matrix represents the pinnacle of hybrid in-ear monitoring architecture design. It was developed and enhanced based on our acclaimed hybrid system to address coherence and phasing issues that are common when fusing dynamic driver with armature drivers. To achieve this, Canary Pro's EMDM system features a dedicated 3D-printed acoustic chamber to house the isobaric dual dynamic drivers and reshape their characteristics. In addition, the 5-way passive crossover design configures each driver to perform optimally within its designated frequency range, resulting in minimal scrambled phase shift and interference.

Super-Low Flat Impedance (SLFI)

The Canary Pro boasts a meticulously designed 14-driver matrix, featuring SLFI design, that ensures a flat impedance of around  7ohm across its frequency range. To address a long-standing problem in the industry - the dependence on the output impedance of the sound source for accurate earphone output - the Canary Pro changes the character of its Balanced Armature driver from inductive to resistive. This innovative approach has effectively solved this age-old issue, resulting in a more accurate and consistent sound output regardless of the source.

Exclusive Faceplate Design

The Canary Pro features a carefully curated faceplate design that utilizes nature pearl in conjunction with synthesized material. The two material is thoughtfully cut and placed by hand to offer a unique aesthetic appearance and complement the overall design of the earphones. Each piece of Canary Pro’s faceplate is absolutely one of a kind.

3D Printed Enclosure and Precision Engineering

The Canary Pro benefits from a wholly digitized design process that incorporates AAW's 3rd generation digital enclosure and acoustic chamber design. The enclosure and dynamic driver acoustic chamber are separately printed and assembled into a metal nozzle system. Extensive simulations are conducted to determine the ideal phasing and response for driver and nozzle placements. These simulations are performed hundreds of times to ensure optimal performance. The components are then 3D printed to precise tolerances, resulting in consistency in mass production. The advanced digital design process ensures that the Canary Pro delivers exceptional sound quality and a consistent listening experience.


  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drum
  • Keyboard
  • Engineer
  • Audiophile

Accessory and Warranty

  • 48" Null Audio Lune Cable 4.4mm Balanced 
  • Genuine Leather Carry Case
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Spinfit + Assorted Ear Tips
  • Owner's Club Card
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty