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Accessport Audio & Charge Adaptor for iPhone

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Accessport is proudly brought to you via a joint effort by AAW and ADV Sound, from New York. It has a built-in DAC and amplifier to render lossless audio directly from your smartphone, while its processing power allows passing through phone-call, remote control, data sync, and charging simultaneously.

Accessport is officially MFI certified and only authentic MFI components are used.

High-resolution 24-bit Lossless Audio 

Accessport provides stunning, high-resolution, 24-bit audio for your smartphones through any pair of headphones/earphones. The built-in, dedicated DAC and amplifier bring the intensive audio processing required to properly render the lossless audio right to the palm of your hand. 

Charge and Listen 

The combination of charging port and audio port allows you to charge your smartphone while listening to your high-resolution music. 

Data Syncing

Sync data through Accessport with your laptop at ease. Charge and Listen function will work simultaneously.

Power up your Headphones 

The Accessport provides enough power to drive headphones with impedance up to 300ohm.

Maintain Call Function 

Full call-functionality via built-in button arrays or via existing in-line remote controls from your earphones.

No Battery Required 

The Accessport draws power directly from the smartphone at a ultra-low 40mW and does not require a separate battery. 


Chipset MCU with proprietary firmware 

Audio Depth Up to 24-bit / 96,000hz 

Signal-to-noise Ratio 122dB 

Power Output 40mW (16ohm) 

Amplification Up to 300ohm 

MFi Components C68 + LAM

iPhone 5 iPad with Retina
iPhone 5c iPad mini
iPhone 5s iPad mini 2
iPhone SE iPad Air
iPhone 6 iPad Air 2
iPhone 6 Plus iPad mini 3
iPhone 6s iPad mini 4
iPhone 6s Plus iPad Pro (9.7")
iPhone 7 iPad Pro (12.9")
iPhone 7 Plus iPod touch 5th
iPhone 8 iPod touch 6th
iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X
iPhone XR iPhone XS/MAX

*Must be iOS 7.2 or above.

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