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AAW Aoraki Platinum Core Tri-Hybrid Headphone/IEM Cable


Aiming to deliver an unprecedented musicality experience, Aoraki is forged upon a complex architecture of monocrystalline gold, silver, palladium alloy composition infused with a platinum core. The wire further underwent cryogenic treatment to reduce residual stress, resistance, and enhance music signal transmission. This cable is built by Symphonym to match AAW's top of the line IEMs.

Aoraki is the audiophiles' perfect wet dream coming true, being the ultimate conveyor of unparalleled accuracy, vocal definition, and thumping, textured, and rumbling bass performance. The sound tuning philosophy is focused primarily on providing a complete, all-around elite musicality with 3D, vast and life-like headroom and accurate presentation of instrument separation and imaging.

Purchase Guide

We are reluctant to simply define our cables into high-end or entry but a large variety of distinctive designs, material compositions, and binding architectures that performs largely different sonically and ergonomically. This guide is to help you find the perfect synergy with your source and headphone, rather than pursuing the price tags.


Technical Highlight

  • Cryogenic treated monocrystalline silver/gold/palladium conductor with pure platinum core, UPOCC cast.
  • 24AWG, 1.5 times larger single-strand and broader overall wire cross-section than industrial standard for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery
  • Ultra-dense conductor count
  • Ultra-glossy, flexible and durable insulator
  • Premier CNC fabricated lightweight hardware with anodized treatment 

Oxidation Prevention

All new cables ship with Litz 5 application. Each of the braids is individually insulated using a PVD deposited clear coating. That creates an extra layer of protection from oxidation, color change and enhances the longevity of the cable.


  • Wiring Color: Silver/Translucent Grey
  • Wiring: 24AWG
  • Hardware: SymphonymTM Chrono Anodized Series
  • Length: 1.2m or 48" (Contact for customization)
  • Solder: Custom 10% Silver Solder
  • Pin contact: High Precision Fabrication, 24k gold plated
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Aoraki means cloud-piercer in Maori, and it is the Maori name for Mount Cook located on the southern island of New Zealand. Clad with everlasting glaciers, Aoraki is famous for its dramatic natural beauty and holding deep spiritual significance for the Ngāi Tahu iwi, all under a star-studded sky. However, due to recent development in the Australian wildfire, haze and smog made its way across the ocean, and now the Aoraki's glacier looks red because of particle contamination.