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Nightingale Planar Magnetic Universal In-Ear Monitor

Key Features

  • 15mm MPMTM micro planar magnetic driver
  • True in-ear construction
  • PVD deposited voice coil planar diaphragm
  • UPOCC Copper internal wiring
  • Symphonym Tiburon UPOCC Copper Cable
  • Limited to 300 units worldwide

MPM - Micro Planar Magnetic Driver Technology

Nightingale is yet another breakthrough in in-ear monitoring technology by AAW. It features a patent pending 15mm MPM planar magnetic driver as the underpinning power-train of the new planar architecture. MPM is designed to be the most compact, high efficiency and durable planar driver available. It enables the possibility to construct a true in-ear planar magnetic monitor.

The MPM driver is world’s most compact planar magnetic driver ever, featuring in-house developed Nano grade thin film diaphragm and miniature Neodymium magnetic array. The voice coil is directly deposited onto the diaphragm using PVD process to maximise flexibility and increase conductivity. Standing at 25Ohm and 105dB SPL sensitivity, MPM is the most efficient portable planar magnetic driver ever built.



  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Engineer
  • Audiophile

Accessory and Warranty

  • 48" Symphonym Tiburon Cable
  • Wooden AAW Carrying Case 
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Assorted Ear Tips
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty