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Kingfisher Ceramic Gaming Universal In-Ear Monitor

Tri-Hybrid Architecture

Kingfisher is our second attempt at the three-tiered hybrid system following the critic acclaimed Canary Electrostatic Hybrid In-Ear Monitor. In comparison to Canary, Kingfisher utilizes a more affordable ceramic super tweeter coupled with a dynamic woofer and a patent pending NOVATM mid-high range armature driver.

Flagship performance at entry cost

Entry or Flagship? AAW design and charter our product roadmap carefully to cater different market segment and price range. We always make the best effort to fully tap on the potential of our driver combinations, regardless of their driver count. Kingfisher brings a new era of acoustic architecture on the table and despite its competitive costing due to driver type and count. The tri-hybrid platform delivers ear catching performance at a fraction the cost of a typical flagship In-Ear Monitor.

Ceramic Super Tweeter

AAW’s proprietary ceramic super tweeter features an industrial first 7 layered piezo-electric ceramic membrane. The membrane is seamlessly integrated with the dynamic woofer, essentially form a coaxial structure as the membrane is laser welded directly onto the dynamic driver’s enclosure to ensure maximum structural rigidity and mitigate unwanted vibration.

Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVATM) Driver

In this tri-hybrid structure, we choose to use a specially designed armature driver with an open front acoustic vent and embedded it deep into the Kingfisher’s stainless-steel nozzle. The close proximity to user ear drum will eliminate sound pressure decay and any unwanted resonance in a typical tubed balanced armature design.

Interchangeable Faceplate Design

Kingfisher employs a user interchangeable faceplate using hex screws. Additional faceplate design and even customized designs are available for choosing.

The Ethos MKIII Gaming Cable

Kingfisher comes with a uniquely designed gaming cable, featuring a detachable 0.78mm 2pin design and an MMCX detachable boom microphone. The cable itself has a multi-stranded UPOCC copper core with silver plating in quad braided design. It is ultra-flexible and lightweight to ensure minimum distraction in a highly focused gaming situation. The boom utilizes a highly sensitive 11mm condenser microphone to ensure crystal clear voice quality and is even good enough for professional sound recording and mixing.


    Accessories & Warranty

    • 48" Null Audio Ethos MKII Detachable Cable
    • AAW Carrying Case 
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Assorted Ear Tips
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty